Afghan forces recapture Nawa district from Taliban in Helmand

The Afghan security forces recaptured the control of Nawa district from the Taliban insurgents in southern Helmand province.

The control of the district fell to Afghan forces after days of clashes and months after it was captured by the Taliban insurgents.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zwak confirmed that the Afghan forces seized the control of the key areas of Nawa district on Saturday, including the center of the district where the Taliban insurgents had established important fighting positions.

Zwak further added that the foreign forces based in Afghanistan are also providing support to the Afghan security forces, mainly providing air support.

He also added that the clearance operations are still underway in the district and one of the main challenges on the way for the clearance of the district is roadside bombs planted by the Taliban insurgents.

There are no reports regarding the casualties during the clashes so far with the Taliban group yet to comment regarding the fall of the district.

Helmand is among the relatively volatile provinces in southern Afghanistan where the Taliban insurgents are actively operating in its various districts and often carry out insurgency activities.