Pakistan President urges country to rise above parochial interests

imgPakistan President Mamnoon Hussain Monday urged the nation to bury their differences and get united for the stability and development of the country, as Pakistan celebrated 70 years of independence with a patriotic display including a giant flag and a show of airpower.

Speaking at a ceremony held at the Jinnah Convention Centre to mark 70th Independence Day, the president urged all stakeholders to unite under the constitution of Pakistan in the national interest by setting aside their differences and ensure its supremacy. “Constitution is a document which will show path to realize national objectives by rising above our personal interests and will also guarantee progress and stability of the motherland,” he said.

The president said that in present circumstances, the nation expects from its leadership that they protect the future of the country and nation by rising above their parochial and vested interests. “In this perspective, I want to make it clear that if sanity did not prevail in the current situation then our dream of economic revival will not be materialized and the nation will never forgive us for this laxity,” he warned.

The president said the national issues should be judged in their true perspective rather than seeing them out of context. He noted that democratic and parliamentary system reflected the desire of the whole nation and urged the nation to rise above their minor divides and work for the solidarity and stability of the country. The president said since the creation of Pakistan, the country experimented with different systems of government but, he asked, what was the reason that continuity has not been attained in these matters? “One reason could be that instead of giving due time to these systems for proper development, we became restless due to which these systems could not fully develop according to their natural pace,” he opined, adding it was imperative that before treading a new path, experiences of the past should be thoroughly reviewed.

The president said it was imperative that collective decisions are respected to smoothly continue the journey of national development instead of undertaking new experiments. “It will lead to stability of the state and its system, maturity of democratic behaviours and also pave the way for national development. Unless all segments and schools of thought of the society are completely united on a national strategy, success will remain elusive,” he stressed.

Welcoming the presence of Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang, the president said it reflected the deep ties between Pakistan and China as both countries had shared views on various global issues.