NATO backs intra-Afghan dialogue

NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan Cornelius Zimmermann has stressed timely holding of upcoming election, saying, “With transparent polls, people’s trust in the democratic process increases.”

Zimmermann made the remarks during a meeting with a number of Afghan journalists at his office.

He said the new US strategy on Afghanistan encouraged NATO member countries to enhance their support.

Zimmermann said NATO provided training to Afghan forces under the framework of the Resolute Support mission in the country and they shared their experiences with the Afghan forces to help them become more professional and effective.

The NATO representative while referring to the recent bombing in Wazir Akbar Khan diplomatic enclave of Kabul said, “Still threats exist in Afghanistan.”

He said the number of troops of their Training Mission in Afghanistan would be raised but they would never take part in war because their combat mission had ended and they now pursued only the training mission.

Zimmermann went on to say that NATO wasn’t merely a defence organization but it also played an active role in supporting democracy, good governance and reconciliation.