US provides $100 million assistance to Afghanistan

The United States government on Monday released $100 million in budget assistance to Afghanistan.

The agreement was signed between Afghan Finance Minister Iklil Hakimi and U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass in Kabul.

The money will be spent mostly on building railways, opening of air corridor between Kabul and Gulf countries, Hakimi said. He said that the money will also be spent on building storehouses for export products.

The assistance comes under New Development Partnership which was agreed in 2015. The agreement includes provision of $800 million in incentive and rewarding successes.

U.S. envoy, Bass, said that that the assistance will be delivered directly to the people of Afghanistan, adding the government can meet the needs of citizens through it.

He praised reforms over provincial budget and vowed that U.S. assistance to Afghanistan will continue.

U.S. is largest donor for Afghanistan.