Afghan Defense Ministry retires another 61 generals from service

Afghan Defense Ministry (MoD) has retired another 61 army generals from service in line with a presidential decree, the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The generals were retired during a ceremony attending by high-ranking government officials at the Defense Ministry.

Praising the role and work of the retired generals in rehabilitation and training of the country’s military forces, Chief of Army Staff Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said: “History and the people of Afghanistan will never forget your performance and work for stability and security of the country.”

At the same event, the Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami said that retirement is a normal administrative process that based on the law applied to civil and military personnel.

“The process would continue in line with the demand of time, the international community and political leadership of the country,” he said.

Hailing the services of the retired generals, Ibrahimi stressed that some retire army generals who had the capability of work in civilian organs would be appointed as governors, deputy governors, analysts and advisors at the advisory board of national security council so that the Afghan army leadership could benefit from their expertise.