Afghanistan plans targeted operation in Takhar’s Khwaja Ghar

Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Tuesday said that the Afghan National Army (ANA) has drawn up plans for a targeted operation in Khawja Ghar district of northern Takhar province.

Currently forces from Pamir 20 army division are assessing the plan, said MoD deputy spokesman Mohammad Radmanish.

This comes a day after members of Takhar provincial council warned against the collapse of check posts to the Taliban in Khwaja Ghar; however the Takhar police chief has claimed that security forces have repelled the Taliban’s offensive on the district.

“With the joint cooperation of the people and the local police in the area and the Khwaja Ghar police headquarters, we managed yesterday to tackle the attacks and the insurgnets escaped from the scene,” said Takhar police chief Abdul Rahman Aqtash.

“The Pamir division is currently preparing the operation to gain more effective outcomes in our efforts against the enemy,” said MoD spokesman Mohammad Radmanish.

But, members of Takhar provincial council have said that insurgents are threatening various areas in the province.

“If our security forces and high level security officials in the current system of our country do not take action against the problem and do not consider the necessary measures, we will witness the tragedy of the fall of Khwaja Ghar,” said Zaman Khan, head of Takhar provincial council.

On Monday, the Taliban launched an offensive from multiple fronts against check points belonging to the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Afghan Local Police (ALP) in Khwaja Ghar.