Ten Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack in Farah

At least 10 Afghan soldiers were killed when Taliban militants attacked an army facility in western province of Farah last night, an official said Sunday.

Nine more soldiers were abducted by the insurgents following the attack which happened in Farah Rod area of Balabluk district, said Dadullah Qani, a provincial council member.

Seven attackers were also killed in the incident, source said.

Ghafoor Ahmad Javid, a spokesman for defense ministry, denied casualties among soldiers. He said that operations were underway in the province.

The attack comes two days after 14 soldiers were killed while another 20 were abducted by the insurgents in Shindand district of neighbouring Herat province.

About a month ago, militants attacked a border forces base in Push Koh district of Farah, killing 20 forces and wounding 23 more.