Forces lock down Kashmir, detain separatist leaders

Indian Authorities locked down parts of Jammu and Kashmir yesterday as police fired tear gas at protesters defying a curfew to march against the shooting death of seven civilians.

Separatist leaders had urged the public to march on military headquarters in the state, after seven people were killed and dozens wounded in army fire on Saturday.

Authorities took no chances in a region where protests frequently descend into bloodshed, barricading roads to the key army base with razor wire and armoured vehicles.

A total curfew was imposed in parts of Srinagar to try and curb any unrest.

Mobile Internet services were also suspended in some areas, and train services shut down to prevent protesters from massing in numbers.

“Restrictions are in place in some city areas and in Pulwama,” Inspector General of Police Swayam Prakash Pani said, referring to Srinagar and the southern district where Saturday’s shooting occurred.

Police fired tear gas to drive back dozens of protesters led by a key separatist leader who tried to reach the base in central Srinagar.