Md. Aariz Imam – A Draft Charter of Demands for India’s Muslims

1. Removal of Hindu bias from the constitution evident in Article 1, 25, (a)(b), 48, 341, 343, 351 & in 8 the Schedule, through a constitution amendment bill

2. Providing proportionate representation through an amendment to the constitution and giving it the precedence as basic structure.

3. Providing reservation to Muslims from parliament to gram panchayat, education, services, paramilitary and armed forces, police, judiciary and every other state outlet where reservations are in place.

4. Providing reservation in private sector for Muslims and other marginalized groups

5. Abolition of draconian laws like UAPA, NSA, GUJCOCA, MCOCA and AFSPA.

6. Commissioning of a constitutional body on the lines of Equal Opportunities commission as mentioned in the Sachar committee report

7. Legislation on the line of SC ST atrocities act criminalizing derogatory remarks and other verbal or physical acts of harassment

8. Ensuring time bound and speedy trial in atrocities cases where Muslims are a victims and in terror cases where they have been held accused

9. Providing for liability to be borne by state officers were Muslims to be implicated in false cases and allowing adequate and fair compensation in case innocence of Muslims is proved

10. Financial empowerment and devolution of additional powers to third tier of democracy i.e. gram panchayats and municipal corporations ensuring geographical uniformity in distribution of funds within an administrative area

11. No retrospective classification of nationality to be allowed and any such process underway to be declared null and void with immediate effect

12. Resettlement, Rehabilitation and compensation commensurate for a dignified life to be provided for where claims are pending in riot cases

13. Extending state protection and patronage to village and small scale industries employing skilled and unskilled Muslim artisans

14. Every judicial bench with more than one judge to be configured in a way so as to represent the diversity of the country

15. Adopting a resolution in parliament accepting 1987, 1992, 2002 & 2013 as state crimes and setting up a separate court to deliver justice in cases of state orchestrated mass murder in a time bound manner