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Afghan Government Returns Pakistani Relatives of IS Fighters

The Afghan government says more than 130 Pakistanis — women and children related to former fighters of the Islamic State terror group — have been returned to other family members and will be going home to Pakistan after being held in a detention center for several weeks.

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Rumblings within the Taliban make ordinary Afghans cautious amid prospects for peace

On the last Sunday of 2019, Afghans woke up to an exciting news of the Taliban insurgency agreeing to possible ceasefire, a much-needed respite from the constant violence. Reports suggested that this temporary truce with the US administration could last for as long as 10 days – a week longer than the last ceasefire between the two warring parties, during […]

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Taliban Says US-Iran Dispute Will Not Harm Afghan Peace Process

The Taliban said Thursday it believes escalating military tensions between the United States and Iran are unlikely to hurt the insurgent group’s negotiations with Washington aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan.

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