Taliban attacked security base in Kunduz, killing four

At least four security forces were killed and four others wounded in clashes with the Taliban militants in Kunduz province.

A security source told Ariana News that the clashes broke out after a large number of insurgents attacked a security base in the Aliabad district of the province at around 10 pm on Thursday.

According to the source, the Afghan forces have left the base following hours of skirmish and suffering casualties.

The security forces retreated from the area due to a lack of reinforcement, the source said. The source added, “now the base has been collapsed into the hands of the Taliban.”

The source stated that the Taliban have also sustained casualties but did not provide further details.

Local officials confirmed the incident but did not provide details about the casualties of the clashes.

This comes as clashes intensified between the Afghan forces and the Taliban militants have been in the past recent weeks in the north of the country.

Earlier this week, a heavy clash between Afghan forces and the Taliban broke out after the militants launched coordinated attacks to capture a Public Police Forces base in on the Takhar-Kunduz highway.

The Afghan army stated that Afghan forces conducted ground and air operations to crackdown the Taliban presence in the area.

The Afghan forces managed to push back the Taliban and cleared Takhar-Kunduz highway from the insurgents, the 217 Pamir Corps said in a statement.

According to the statement, at least 16 Taliban militants were killed and 13 more wounded.

The statement did not provide details about the casualties of the Afghan forces.