India to stop sponsoring Daesh

I have been consistently advocating, authoring, and warning the world about the expansion of Daesh and its misuse in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other South Asian Countries.

In 2014, Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval had visited Iraq and met with Daesh head to create working relationships with Daesh and also met with the other leadership of this extremist group. I had mentioned Indian designs in Chapter-5 “The Role of The Indian State in Establishing & Expanding Daeshism in South Asia” of my book “ISIS- Daesh – A Rising Monster Worldwide” as under:

“It is feared that the mischievous and anti-Pakistan Syndrome of Modi will be energised further by Doval and RSS influence on Doval coupled with Daeshism is likely to engineer more brutalities for innocent Kashmiris and more terrorism in Pakistan especially support to some Indian-fed terrorists there. India will make Balochistan, KP and Hazara the prime targets of terrorism as per the anti-Pakistan policy conceived by PM Modi and his NSA”.

“Investigation on all recent terrible incidents of terrorism link to Indian interests and can be traced back to Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval as the key figure in promoting Daesh activities in South Asia”

In my book “Modi’s War Doctrine”, I had revealed as under:-

“RSS and Daesh nexus in collaboration with RAW is emerging and it is on record and exposed by an Ambassador from Middle East posted in Indian capital Delhi. He confirmed training of numerous Indians by ISIS in Kurdistan. According to reports, on behest of RAW, the RSS and Daesh to implement the larger Indian plan “cleansing Kashmiri Muslims” are operating to eliminate Muslims from Indian Occupied Kashmir”

In my book “Bleeding Kashmir” I have stated as under:

“Modi came under terrible pressure from International community and internal political parties after self-created Pulwama drama for his election and Sri Lankan attacks by Daesh/RSS operators from India. USA has always drawn benefit from Pakistan by increasing the pressure from India on LOC whereas western boarder is already under USA command.”

India has strength its terrorism network of RSS by blending the militancy and skills of Daesh which are visibly observed in Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir (IIOK) and Sri Lanka. India was able to force Sri Lanka to come to its policies through massive attacks by ISIS in the Capital of Sri Lanka.

I know some of my critics did not agree with me at that point that India has become a proper hub of Daesh to be used against Pakistan, China, and other countries. Now my assessments and information about the expansion of Daesh in South Asia has been validated by USA media as referred below. The American magazine namely Foreign Policy in its article “Indians and Central Asians Are the New Face of the Islamic State” dated October 8, 2020, has confirmed my earlier findings. The American journal states “While at first glance this seems unsurprising, the presence of Central Asians and Indians in transnational attacks is a relatively new phenomenon that reflects a shifting pattern in jihadism linked to the Islamic State.”

Pakistan had been trying its best to bring peace in Afghanistan and Chief of the Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa with all his sincerity and abilities have been able to get all the parties together on one forum which has also been appreciated on record by Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation. Pakistan believes that safe Afghanistan means safe Pakistan whereas peace in Afghanistan does not suit India and this is the reason India has all along been sabotaging the peace process by using Daesh and some factions of Afghan Taliban operating in Afghanistan by killing innocent Afghanis. I narrated this assessment based on certain information from Afghanistan that India will launch very offensive and aggressive terroristic moves in Afghanistan to sabotage the peace process and the world is witnessing the same.

I hope US President Donald Trump and his team realise the covert and in-built anti-Afghan operations of India through Daesh and its some paid Afghan agents. The USA has to ensure the withdrawal of Modi’s criminals and its agents duly sponsored by RAW from Afghanistan and the Indian anti-Afghan peace process terrorist activities must come to end immediately otherwise after the withdrawal of the American forces in December 2020, India will create havoc to generate civil war in Afghanistan through RAW & Daesh.

It is therefore proposed that America and UNO must ensure to have a contingent of peace-making force from UNO to be deployed in Afghanistan to counter Daesh. ISIS had been active against Pakistan from Afghanistan and the terrorist activities duly sponsored by India through its agents in Afghanistan in Pakistan. India has a covert plan to continue proxy war through Daesh in Pakistan. India is already using Daesh & RAW in Balochistan, KPK, and other parts of Pakistan to achieve the following four main objectives in Pakistan:

To destabilize Pakistan through proxy wars and Daesh activities by infiltrating its agents in Pakistan to commit terrorism against specific targets; To attempt to undermine the Pakistan Army by propagating in Indian media and other like-minded media houses hired for this purpose; To sabotage the peace in Pakistan by acts of terrorism against the political elite of Pakistan in the coming months; and to create massive anti-Pakistan propaganda and lobbying against Pakistan with the purpose to keep Pakistan under pressure by FATF and other International forum.

I am surprised that India has not yet come under the radar of FATF despite declared terrorist activities by India and money laundering through various banks. None but The Indian Express-in its report titled “44 Indian banks, transactions of $1 billion, flagged to US regulator” on September 24, 2020 has revealed that at least 44 Indian banks have been identified in connection with transactions by Indian entities and individuals in a set of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed by US banks with the watchdog, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Records investigated show that Indian banks mentioned in the SARs include: state-owned Punjab National Bank (290 transactions); State Bank of India (102); Bank of Baroda (93); Union Bank of India (99) and Canara Bank (190), among others. Among private banks that figure in the SARs are HDFC Bank (253 transactions); ICICI Bank (57); Kotak Mahindra Bank (268); Axis Bank (41) and IndusInd Bank (117) among others. Why FATF has not yet placed India in black list where as a well-documented complaint by is with the president FATF.

I hope America will now move a complaint against India as it had moved against Pakistan without any genuine reasons with FATF. Let us see how many laws of anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering, amendments in Indian penal code, and changes in the constitution of India are demanded by FATF as demanded from Pakistan. FATF owes an explanation to the world failing to place India in the grey list in the light of the recent revelation by American media being sponsor of Daesh and state level money laundering.

I would like to advise and warn the law enforcement within Pakistan and the intelligence agencies to enhance their vigilance on the various Indian initiatives of launching proxy wars in Pakistan. Let’s not forget that India is preparing for war against Pakistan and we should expect anything from mentally unstable Indian Prime Minister Modi who has been getting elected and surviving on the support of homegrown terrorism of RSS and Daesh.

The act of terrorism of Samjhauta express confessed by Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit and the terrorist activities confessed by Kulbhushan Yadav in Pakistan in the recent past are a reminder for us to observe and take effective steps to ensure the safety general public, sensitive installations, and some leading politicians of the country. I have made these assessments exclusively the same way which I have been warning since 2015 and now the world has validated all my assessments and I feel that the inertia of terrorism created by PM Modi is ultimately meant to destabilise Pakistan. I am confident of the abilities of our agencies and law enforcers that we will not only counter Indian ill-designs against Pakistan but successfully weed out Daesh from the country. India will also have its befitting response to ensure a good lesson to India.

In the meantime, let’s put our House in order by ending the continued growing polarisation within our politics. We must learn to create complete national unity and harmony to defeat the incoming danger from the enemy. The political hierarchy has to ensure that India does not take the advantage of the row between the present government and opposition.

Let me also warn China that India has all the ill designs to use Daesh in China. I hope China will take all the necessary measures to counter Daesh. Daesh has trained members of the ETMI in 5 locations in Afghanistan.

May God guide us in the right direction enabling us to serve our beloved land to the best of our abilities remaining above our political interests, Aameen.