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Taliban ‘could have used drone’ in Kunduz attack

In what could be a “new method of attack”, an explosion in the Kunduz governor’s compound on Sunday could have been carried out by a drone, the New York Times reported Monday.

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One insurgent killed so far in ongoing Kabul University siege

Police said early Monday afternoon that so far at least one insurgent has been killed in the Kabul University attack. The siege, which has been ongoing for at least two hours, started just after 11am when insurgents detonated explosives at the entrance of the university. An unknown number of them then stormed the facility and have reportedly been holed up […]

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Officials condemn violent attack on Kabul University

The Presidential Palace (ARG) along with other high-ranking officials, including Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, have strongly condemned the attack on Kabul University which started on Monday morning.

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