Conflicting casualty tolls after Ghazni bombing leaves public confused

As events unfolded on Sunday following a deadly suicide bombing in Ghazni city the exact casualty figures are still unknown as officials from different government departments all gave different tallies.

Local officials confirmed a Humvee full of explosives was detonated close to a public protection unit in PD3 of Ghazni city.

Ghazni governor’s spokesman Wahidullah Jumazadah said that at least 10 soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded in the bombing.

According to him, no civilians were injured in the incident.

But health officials reported that at least 21 security force members have been killed and 17 others wounded.

“So far at least 21 bodies and 17 wounded security force members have been taken to the hospital,” said Baz Mohammad Hemat, head of the provincial hospital.

All casualties are security force members, Hemat added.

Local residents reported Sunday morning that clashes were ongoing between security forces and insurgents in the area, but no official has confirmed this.

Later, the Afghan defense ministry confirmed the explosion but said 10 soldiers were killed and seven wounded in the attack.

Meanwhile, Esmatullah Jamradwal, a provincial council member said at least 31 security forces members were killed and 24 others wounded.

Amid the lack of clarity however, no group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing.