Paktia bombing inflicts 15mn afs financial loss

Recent car-bombing in Gardez, the capital of southeastern Paktia province inflicted around 15 million afghani financial loss besides the killing of three people and injuring 19 others, an official said on Friday.

“Our inspection is underway but for now we can say that around 15 million afghani losses had been inflicted by the recent car bombing in the city,” the Paktia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abdul Nasir Alamyar said.

Three security personnel were killed and 19 others injured in the bombing at around 6:30pm on Thursday evening.

Medicine companies, private clinics, Azizi and other banks branches are situated in the area where the bombing had occurred.

An eyewitness Mohammad Shahid said the bombing was heavy and load, it broken the windowpanes of nearby homes and shops.

“Our room is in this area. We were cooking when the blast happened. We covered ourselves in blankets other we could have been injured with the windowpanes that broken,” he said.