Russian Helicopters accuse Ukraine of endangering lives of US, Afghan troops

Russian Helicopters, the manufacturer of Mi-17V-5 choppers used in Afghanistan, has warned that the lives of US and Afghan soldiers could be at risk as the helicopters are being repaired by unauthorized enterprises in Ukraine.

In a statement issued on the company’s website, Russian Helicopters Holding Company said it “considers it necessary to warn that Ukrainian aircraft repair enterprises are carrying out illegitimate overhaul of Mi-17V-5 Helicopters and thereby endangers the lives of the American and Afghan soldiers that are operating these Helicopters.”

According to information gained by the company “about the arrival of two Mi-17V-5 Helicopters of the Afghan Air Force at the Ukrainian aircraft repair enterprises Motor Sich (Zaporozhye) and Aviakon (Konotop) for performing illegitimate overhaul, Russian Helicopters Holding Company disclaims all responsibility for further safe operation of mentioned Helicopters and has every reason to deny services related to maintenance of these Helicopters,” read the statement.

The company said repairs on the helicopters will be done at companies that are not equipped to “overhaul of this type of Helicopter in the prescribed manner, as no actualized repair and design documentation for the Mi-17V-5 military transport helicopter, spare parts or repair group sets were delivered to these aircraft repair companies.”

“This overhaul must be considered as illegitimate,” the company stated.

The company went on to state that it was happy to provide a list of all non-authorized Ukrainian helicopter repair companies carrying out unauthorized repairs to organizations and governments.