119 Taliban rebels killed as violence rages in Afghanistan

At least 119 Taliban rebels were killed in the latest military crackdown conducted by the Afghan defense and security forces in the past two days in southern Kandahar province, provincial officials said Saturday.

Provincial Governor Spokesman, Ahmad Bahir Ahmadi said that onslaughts were conducted in Panjwaye, Maiwaind, Dand, Arghandab and Zheri districts of the province, killing 119 militants, including their key commanders.

This is as the U.S. forces in Afghanistan said they have come to the fore in aid to Afghan security forces and conducted aerial attacks against the Taliban hideouts in Zheri district of the provinces.

The attack was carried out last week in support of the Afghan security forces, while a Taliban Spokesman, Qari Yusof Ahmadi claimed that 10 civilians were killed in these air attacks.

But USFOR-A Spokesman Col Sonny Leggett rejected the Taliban claim of civilian casualties.

Kandahar is once an insecure province in the south of Afghanistan, where militants have active presence in many parts of it, and are able to carry deadly attacks against the Afghan security forces.