Another journalist dies under mysterious circumstances

Ariana News presenter Faridin Amini died on Friday under mysterious circumstances.

Police and Amini’s colleagues confirmed the journalist’s death but offered no details.

Circumstances leading up to the death of Amini remain unclear.

However, Ministry of Interior spokesman Tariq Aryun quoting eyewitnesses said Amini travelled to Qasba Araban blocks area of Kabul in a car before noon on Friday.

As Amini stopped his car and disembarked, he was talking on his cell phone and suddenly ran towards the mountain side and slit his throat using a sharp-edged stone.

Aryun said the township guards attempted to save Amini from committing suicide. They rushed Amini to the Emergency hospital where he breathed his last.

He said the incident was being investigated.

Amini was actual resident of central Parwan province.

The journalist died a day after gunmen shot to death a female TV and radio presenter Malalai Maiwand and her driver in eastern Nangarhar province.

Last month, Radio Azadi journalist Ilyas Daee was killed when a magnetic bomb attached to his vehicle exploded in southern Helmand province.