Murtazawi calls for responsible reporting after Saleh’s disturbing message

Shah Hussain Murtazawi, Senior Advisor in the Office of the President of Afghanistan, on Saturday called for calm and responsible reporting after First Vice President Amrullah Saleh warned that “Daesh Taliban” have threatened to turn Kabul into a Shia slaughterhouse.

Murtazawi said on Twitter that Shia Afghans must not be afraid. He said: “Taliban and Daesh are enemies of humanity and Afghanistan, we should not provoke fear among Shias in our reporting, our method of informing should be professional, and we should not help our enemies in their mental war.”

This comes after First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said on Saturday on his Facebook page – after his daily 6.30am security meeting – that “Daesh Taliban” had warned government against executing any prisoners and said if this happened they would turn “Kabul into a Shia slaughterhouse”.

Saleh said that “DaeshTaliban have warned us in a written message that if one of their prisoners is executed, they will turn Kabul into a Shia slaughterhouse and at the same time they have said that they will behead their hostages.”

Saleh said he ordered the head of the Kabul National Directorate of Security to “send a message to their networks that government knows all tricks.”

“The fact that they haven’t controlled [the country] so far has a direct relationship with our abilities and capacity. The Daesh Taliban should know that there will be no threats to us [and we will continue to] show the faces of these murderers to our nation every day.

Saleh again called on the judicial institutions in the country to “publicly prosecute these people and to speed up the court process of those who have already been arrested.”