Taliban blames US for civilian casualties in Kandahar, US denies

While the peace talks are underway in Doha Taliban on Friday in a statement blamed US forces in Afghanistan for conducting airstrikes in Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces resulting in civilian deaths.

The Taliban claims that at least 11 civilians died of US airstrikes in Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces and wounded two others.

The group considers the strikes a clear violation of the Doha agreement, adding that such actions could provoke the Taliban’s response and the further responsibility shall fall on the shoulders of America.

On the other hand, US forces in Afghanistan confirmed airstrike in Kandahar province but rejected the Taliban’s claims over civilian casualties.

“A conducted a strike against armed Taliban fighters attacking an ANDSF checkpoint in Zhari district Kandahar on Dec 10. This strike in defense of the ANDSF is IAW with the US-Taliban agreement. The Taliban’s claim of civilian casualties are false,” Spokesman Col Sonny Leggett tweeted.

Meanwhile, local officials in Kandahar province confirmed airstrike in the district but denies civilian casualties.

Provincial police chief spokesman Jamal Nasir Barakzai, in a phone call with Ariana News, confirmed the conduct of an airstrike in Zhari district, adding that those who were killed in the strike were Taliban fighters.

This comes as clashes are going on for more than a month in the several districts of Kandahar province.

In Friday’s skirmish between ANDSF and the Taliban militants in Arghandab district at least 19 militants killed and six others were wounded, Barakzai stated.

The Taliban did not comment yet.