US to reduce its troops to 2,500 by mid-January: Miller

The US and NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller said in an interview with Ariana News on Sunday that Washington will reduce its troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 by January 15.

According to Miller the remaining troops will continue to support Afghan forces in the country.

This comes after critics have blasted the Taliban for not sticking to their agreement signed in February with the US on reducing the levels of violence in the country.

“I have been ordered to reduce the US military presence to 2,500, a part of this is in line with the US-Taliban agreement; we downsize our troops in accordance with the conditions,” said Miller.

“Important for the Afghan people to understand is that we have discussed this with the Afghan security forces.”

Miller, however, said that he has discussed the high levels of violence with the Taliban in Doha and said it’s hoped the group will ease back on violence.

He also warned that the historic opportunity for peace will be missed if the violence continues.

“I have talked to Taliban about this, violence is too high; Taliban’s violence needs to come down. We have had many discussions about this; we have reaffirmed to a historic opportunity in the ongoing peace process,” said Miller.

According to him the troops that stay behind will fight al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and will support the Afghan forces.

Currently the US has 4,500 troops in Afghanistan under the Resolute Support Mission.