Details of Taliban, Republic Demands for Talks Agenda

TOLOnews has seen a document that indicates that a 28-article list of demands has been shared verbally by the Afghan republic’s team with the Taliban, and the Taliban has verbally shared a list of 24 demands with the republic’s negotiators.

The republic’s negotiators have been categorized into five sections. A discussion about a ceasefire is on the top of the republic’s list, while it is the last demand on the Taliban’s 24-article request list.

The Taliban has made the following demands:

• Islamic government

• Type of future Islamic government

• Leadership

• Defense and security sector

• Islamic council

• Constitution

• Foreign policy

• Developing policies based on international measures and considering Islamic principles and national values

• Independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan

• National unity in Afghanistan

• Commitment to national interests

• National values

• Education

• Fundamental human rights

• Ensuring compensation for widows and orphans

• Ensuring women’s rights in light of Islamic principles and national traditions

• Ensuring the legitimate and principled rights of prisoners

• Special attention to the disabled

• Transfer and treatment of wounded

• Prevention of drugs

• Freedom of expression based on Islamic principles

• Prevention of propaganda

• Removing moral corruption and corruption in public offices

• Permanent ceasefire

The demands of the Islamic Republic have been grouped in five sections.

First, the focus is on security and permanent and countrywide ceasefire.

Second, it focuses on development in services and quality education, healthcare and agriculture, and ensuring the security of infrastructural projects.

Third: The team has shared its demands about politics, creating a common view on the country based on Islamic values and democracy, a roadmap for political participation, international guarantees for the implementation of agreements in peace, the rights and legitimate freedoms of citizens and preserving the achievements of Afghans.

The demands of the Republic team in detail:

A. Security:

• Permanent and countrywide ceasefire

• Establishment of a mechanism for monitoring and implementation of ceasefire

• Ensuring the safety of all routes, including highways and the prevention of any type of extortion

• Blocking illegal routes with neighboring countries

• Strengthening the national defense and security forces

• Demilitarizing areas

• Eradicating poppy cultivation and the processing and smuggling of drugs

• Fighting against organized crime

• Ensuring the security of historical and Islamic sites

• Protecting natural resources and preventing their illegal use

• Ensuring the security of public installations including power networks, transportation and the property of the Muslim nation of Afghanistan.

• Expelling foreign fighters and terrorist groups and partnering in military activity to prevent the killing of the Muslim people of Afghanistan

• Putting an end to arbitrary and extra-judicial punishment

• Preventing the stopping and targeting of individuals based on ethnicity and gender (on roadways)

• Clarity on relations with other countries

B. Development

• Providing the foundation for quality and countrywide public services in healthcare, education, agriculture and others.

• Ensuring the security of infrastructural projects and providing the conditions for employment

• Providing the conditions for the return of refugees and their accommodations.

• Running joint programs to care for war victims and to look after the families of martyrs and the disabled.

• Protection of Afghans’ capital and making efforts to lead the country to self-reliance economically

C. Politics

• Establishment of a common vision for the country based on Islamic and democratic values

• Roadmap for political participation

• International guarantees for the implementation of peace agreements

• The legitimate rights and freedoms of citizens and preserving the achievements of Afghans

• Strengthening national institutions

• Fighting against any type of corruption in society and providing the conditions for good governance

• Preserving the international commitments of Afghanistan and observing international charters

D. Executive mechanisms

• For the implementation of each section, a practical mechanism should be discussed, such as a mechanism for the monitoring of ceasefire.

E. Finalizing peace agreement