Ghor Provincial Council Deputy Killed in IED Blast

Abdul Rahman, deputy head of the provincial council, was killed on Tuesday by a magnetic IED blast, and another council member was wounded, local officials confirmed.

The incident occurred in Feroz Koh, Ghor’s capital. An IED was placed on the vehicle and exploded, a council member reported.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast.

This is the second blast in Afghanistan that occurred today.

Mahbubullah Muhibbi, deputy governor of Kabul, and his secretary were killed in a blast in Kabul on Tuesday morning, Kabul police confirmed in a statement. Two of his bodyguards were also wounded.

The blast took place around 9:40am local time in the Macroryan 4 area in Kabul’s PD9 on Tuesday when an IED that was placed on the vehicle exploded, the statement said.