Interior Ministry confirms 8 killed in Kabul explosion

The Afghan Ministry of Interior has confirmed eight people were killed and 15 wounded in Sunday’s explosion that tore through Speen Square intersection in Khushal Khan in PD 5.

In a series of tweets, the ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian said “children, women and the elderly are among the injured in the incident, and the houses around the area were severely damaged.”

He also confirmed that Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) member Khan Mohammad Wardak was among those wounded.

Arian did however say that the casualty figure was subject to change.

Such attacks show the persistence of crimes against the people, he said adding that insurgents continue to destroy and kill.

Arian also stated that in the past three months, insurgents had carried out 37 suicide attacks and 510 IED explosions.

In this time, about 500 civilians were killed and more than 1,000 wounded in these attacks.

Sunday morning saw a string of explosions across the country – one after the other.

In addition to the Kabul blast, a policeman was killed in Jalalabad city in an explosion close to the Nangarhar capital’s cricket stadium. Two others were also wounded, police confirmed.

In a third explosion, in Logar, police confirmed two civilians were injured in an IED blast but local residents say five people were wounded.

Arian’s statement meanwhile comes after Kabul police confirmed earlier that nine people had been killed and as many as 30 wounded in the explosion.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for any of Sunday’s explosions.