Taliban deputy head holding ‘consultations’ on peace talks with clerics and leaders

A short video clip on social media shows that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, deputy leader of the Taliban, addressed a gathering and said that peace talks are being conducted in consultation with clerics and leaders of the Taliban.

Some media outlets reported that Mullah Baradar also met wounded Taliban fighters in Karachi in Pakistan.

“In the negotiations, that we are busy with, I will assure you that your sacrifices will not be compromised,” Mullah Baradar reportedly said to the wounded militants.

Meanwhile, Rahmatullah Nabil, former head of National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a tweet that Mullah Baradar met Tor Zainullah, the head of Taliban’s provincial commission for Daikundi, in Pakistan.

“The Taliban delegation will hold consultations with their leaders and military figures before the start of the second round of peace talks,” said Jalaluddin Shinwari, the former attorney general during the Taliban regime.

Some politicians meanwhile hope that the Taliban’s trip to Pakistan will bring about a reduction in violence.

“Taliban will also share their point of view with people that they know. They will hold more consultations about the peace negotiations,” said politician Zahir Wahdat.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Republic’s negotiating team has requested clarification on the issue of the republic system while the lack of political consensus among the Republic’s team and the lack of clarity in the Republic are challenges the team will reportedly face in the second round of the intra-Afghan talks.

Ghulam Farooq Majrooh, one of the peace talks team’s negotiators said: “It is expected that we will hold consultations with civil societies, political parties, parliament and well-known figures in the country regarding the peace talks.”