Reciprocate govt gestures, Omar tells Taliban

A presidential aide has asked the Taliban to honour the commitments to peace before making fresh demands.

Over the past two years, the government had taken a string of steps towards peace, Waheed Omer told reporters here on Saturday.

However, he accused the militant movement of failing to reciprocate the government’s gestures or keep their promises with regard to peace in the country.

The presidential advisor claimed the Taliban had not taken even a baby-step towards shunning violence, which had spiked across the country after the launch of peace talks, he maintained.

Omar added: “Instead of imposing new conditions, the Taliban must fulfill their past commitments.”

The advisor spurned Taliban’s calls for the establishment of an interim administration and President Ghani’s resignation.

Ghani’s office has also scorned the idea of an interim government, saying such the proposed administration would trigger bloodshed.

Omer alleged Taliban negotiators were evincing no interest in holding substantial talks with the government’s team.

After their resumption on January 5, the peace talks in Doha have made no progress. The two sides have been engaged in a blame game, with each slamming the other for obstructing the process.