Taliban have not met their commitments: Pentagon

The Taliban are not meeting the promises they made in the peace deal with the US, including a reduction in violence and cutting ties with Al-Qaeda, said Department of Defense or Pentagon on Thursday.

“We are still involved in trying to get a negotiated settlement. The Taliban have not met their commitments,” said John Kirby, spokesman for Pentagon.

According to Kirby the Biden administration remains committed to the US-Taliban deal.

Based on the deal the Taliban to halt attacks on US forces, sharply decrease the level of violence, and advance peace talks with the Afghan government.

Meanwhile, the US would steadily reduce its force level in the country, and remove all forces by May 2021.

There is “no change” to the US commitments made in the peace deal, said Kirby. “The Taliban are not meeting their commitments to reduce violence, and to renounce their ties to Al-Qaeda.”

Kirby added that, “it’s going to be difficult for anybody at that negotiating table” to stand by their own promises.