Taliban using Iranian-made sniper rifles: Faryab governor

Naqibullah Fayaq, governor of Faryab province, said that Iranian-made armor-piercing Heidar sniper rifles are being used by the Taliban in the north-western province.

According to Fayaq, the “Taliban use Heidar weapons that can pierce armored vehicles.”

Officials have said previously that Iranian-made weapons have been detected in southwestern provinces in the past. However, Iran has rejected the claims.

The Faryab governor also said that Juma Bay, an Uzbek national-led Daesh group is operating in Afghanistan.

“Juma Bay leads all Daesh fighters in Afghanistan. They (militants) are living with their families in the province. All Daesh leaders exist in Faryab,” he said.

In addition to this, members of the provincial council said most routes into Maymana city from the districts are controlled by the Taliban.

Mohammad Nader Saeedi, a provincial council member stated: “the forces [on the front-line] are not being supported.”

“The Qaramqol road has been blocked for the last three years. Coming and going on land is difficult,” said another member of the council.

This comes after eight car bomb explosions have targeted government establishments in the province in the past few months.