16 pro-government forces killed in Kunduz attack

At least 16 pro-government forces were killed in clashes with the Taliban militants in Kunduz province on Thursday night, sources confirmed.

Mohammad Yousuf Ayubi, head of the provincial council told Ariana News that the clashes started after insurgents attacked a base of the public uprising forces and the NDS in the Khanabad district of the province.

The skirmish, which took place in the Tape Akhtar area of the district, happened at 11:30 pm and lasted three hours, Ayubi stated.

At least 16 members of the public uprising forces – including their commander Mohammad Hakim Nezami – were killed and two others were wounded in the skirmish.

He added that the militants have also seized all weapons and equipment of the base.

Sources, meanwhile, said that two ANA force members were captured by the Taliban.

The provincial police confirmed the attack but did not provide details on the casualties of the Afghan security forces.

The Taliban have not yet commented.

Public uprising forces comprise of residents who have taken up arms to help fight the Taliban and Daesh alongside the government forces.