Muslim Scholars Union condemns ongoing bloodshed, calls for end to war

The International Union for Muslim Scholars on Wednesday called for all Muslim scholars to work to end the conflict in Afghanistan and ensure the safety of its people.

In a statement issued by the IUMS, they said they call “on all scholars and intellectuals to strive for an end to the bloodshed, and to achieve stability and safety for the Afghan people.”

The IUMS also strongly condemned and denounced the systematic targeting of scholars and intellectuals in Afghanistan and they urged all religious scholars and intellectuals to make efforts to help stop the bloodshed, and to achieve stability, security and safety for the Afghan people.

They said the ongoing targeting of religious scholars “has dire consequences for the future of Afghanistan as well as for the region.”

The IUMS also stated that the violence and killing of innocent civilians is forbidden by Islamic laws, customs and international laws.

The organization emphasized it “condemns all acts of violence, assassination and terrorism against religious scholars, intellectuals, opinion-holders and dissidents.

“The Union considers these assassinations a crime and aggression against the victims,
against the Afghan people, and an insult to Islam and Muslims.

“The Union emphasizes the prohibition of aggression and murder,” stating it is against Islam.

The statement comes just days after the Afghan Republic’s religious delegation of the peace talks team met with IUMS leaders in Qatar, including its leader Ahmad Al-Raissouni.

Following the meeting on Sunday, the Republic’s team said in a series of tweets that the IUMS leaders had said the Afghan war lacks religious legitimacy, and it is important to seek a political solution to the crisis.

IUMS called for an immediate ceasefire and called it a religious obligation.

According to IUMS war in Afghanistan is based on ‘political differences’ and the role of neighboring countries in the peace process is fundamental.