Bihsud probe team calls for Wardak police chief to be prosecuted

The delegation assigned to probe the recent carnage in Bihsud has called for Allahdad Fedaie, Police Chief of Maidan Wardak, to be suspended and prosecuted.

The delegation states that Fedaie ordered security forces to open fire on protesters who had gathered outside the government building in Hisa-i-Awal Bihsud district of Maidan Wardak just over a week ago.

At least 12 people were killed in the shooting.

The Interior Ministry however rejected claims that security forces had opened fire and said irresponsible gunmen started shooting at police and civilians in the district.

According to the reports, in addition to the 12 people killed, at least 31 others – including the new police commander of Hisa-i-Awal Bihsud and two security personnel – were wounded in the incident.

The 14-member delegation, that was tasked to investigate the clashes, has handed over their findings to the National Security Council.

Hassan Rasouli, a member of the delegation stated: “The delegates agreed that aid must be provided to the families of the victims immediately. The police commander (Wardak police chief) must be suspended and he must be referred to the Attorney General’s Office; thirdly the district governors of the Hisa-i-Awal and Hisa-i-Dowom districts must be replaced; and fourth – police chiefs of both districts should be replaced as well.”

Meanwhile, a number of Bihsud’s MPs said that clashes between the security forces and the public uprising forces have been ongoing for the past ten days.

They urged the government to conduct an impartial investigation into the problem and to ensure justice is served.

MP Mahdi Rasikh said: “After the return of the delegation clashes are still ongoing. We failed to control the situation.”

Murad Ali Murad, former deputy chief of army staff, cautiously said: “If it did not happen (government addressing the problem) the people have already decided. Perhaps the people take very serious action, and they would not trust the government anymore,” Mural Ali Mural, Former Deputy Chief of Army Staff said.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs stated that the Police Chief of Maidan Wardak has been called to Kabul, emphasizing that if he is found guilty of breaking the law, legal action will be taken against him.

“We are still investigating the issue. Who is guilty and who is not will be determined after the investigation is finalized,” the Ministry’s Spokesman Tariq Arian said.