Two Civilians, One Policeman Killed in Kabul Blasts

The explosion happened in the Bagh-e-Qazi area in Kabul’s PD1 on Saturday morning, police said.

Three people, including two civilians and a police force members, were killed in three explosions in Kabul that happened in less than two hours on Saturday morning, police said.

The first explosion happened at a shop in the Bagh-e-Qazi area west of Kabul at around 9:40 am local time. The type of the blast is unknown so far, police said.

People and security forces were busy helping the wounded when a second blast happened in which two civilians, including one Afghan Hindu, were killed and five more, including two Afghan Hindus, were wounded, police said.

Meanwhile, an explosion targeted a police vehicle in Hese Awal area north of Kabul in which one security force member was killed, Kabul police said.

This comes amidst a sharp increase in targeted attacks in Kabul in the last two months.