Taliban violence increases by 10%: Officials

Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Wednesday that Taliban violence has increased by 10 percent in the past four months, adding that Afghan security forces are ready for both peace or war in the country.

Shah Mahmood Miakhel, deputy and acting minister of defense, said that besides having prepared for peace, they are also readying themselves for the Taliban’s upcoming spring offensive.

“Raising the capacity and capabilities of the ANA forces is one of the top priorities of the ministry. Based on plans and strategies the ANA forces will be equipped with modern tools and equipment,” added Miakhel.

Abdullah Raqibi, deputy minister of defense in logistic and technology affairs, said Afghans seek peace and reduction in violence, but the Taliban has intensified the war.

“These vehicles and equipment will be used to ensure stability and security,” said Raqibi referring to vehicles handed over by the US to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

The US handed over almost 640 vehicles to Afghan National Army, said the MoD.

According to officials these vehicles are 403 Humvees, 43 Rangers, 23 ambulances, and 170 motorbikes – which will be sent to local corps across the county.

MoD officials meanwhile said earlier that Afghan forces dominated 90 percent of soil across the country with regards to the conflict.