Ghani at ECO Conference Tells Pakistan to Play its Role in Peace

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday addressed a virtual conference of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) attended by heads of state, and he highlighted the ongoing developments in the region and focused on Afghanistan’s strategic location in Asia and the Afghan peace process.

At the event, Ghani said that for forty-two years, the Afghan people have been denied the foundational right to peace and security.

He said that the ongoing conflict has turned Afghanistan into a killing field.

“It is time to stop the violence that has turned our beautiful country into a killing field,” said Ghani.

“We, the people and government of Afghanistan and our international partners, have a true sense of urgency to make and build peace. Your support for a comprehensive ceasefire to accelerate the negotiations in Doha is essential,” said Ghani.

Ghani reiterated that Pakistan has a large amount of leverage to use for peace in Afghanistan.