Najibullah Nasir elected 2nd deputy speaker WJ

Wolesi Jirga (WJ) member from Kabul province Najibullah Nasir elected on Sunday as the deputy speaker of the house.

Earlier, Javid Jaihon was elected as first deputy speaker of Wolesi Jirga, Karim Atal as secretary and Hujatullah Kheradmand as deputy secretary of the Wolesi Jirga.

Article 87 of the constitution says: “Each of the two houses of the National Assembly, at the commencement of their work period, shall elect one member as president for the term of the legislature, and two members as first and second deputies and two members as secretary and assistant secretary for a period of one year. These individuals shall form the administrative teams of the House of People as well as House of Elders. Duties of the administrative teams shall be determined by the Regulations on Internal Duties of each house.”

A thought competition for the post of deputy speaker held between Najibullah Nasir from Kabul and Shah Gul Rezae from Ghazni province and finally Nasir was elected as first deputy speaker by grabbing 119 votes.