Taliban have failed to keep promises: Abdullah

The High Council for National Reconciliation chairman is optimistic about next month’s conference on Afghanistan in Turkey.

Speaking to France 24, Abdullah Abdullah hoped the UN-led Istanbul meeting would help promote Afghan peace negotiations.

While expecting significant progress, Kabul’s chief peace negotiator the agreement between the Trump administration and the Taliban was based on certain condition.

Under the deal signed in Doha last year, the US had promised to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by May 1 if the Taliban cut their ties to international terrorist outfits, including Al-Qaeda.

Commenting on the implementation of the peace pact, the HCNR chief alleged: “Taliban haven’t observed their commitment in terms of reduction in violence.”

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden indicated some American forces might remain in Afghanistan after the May 1 deadline.

However, he made clear his administration did not want to keep the US troops in the war-torn country longer than necessary.