Leader of Takhar Ulema council killed in IED explosion

The head of the Takhar Ulema council died on Wednesday in an IED explosion, officials confirmed.

According to security officials, two other people were injured in the incident.

Officials said the IED had been embedded inside Mawlavi Abdul Samad Mohammadi’s vehicle.

A number of religious scholars have condemned the attack, and accused government of being guilty of serial killings of religious scholars.

Mawlawi Abdul Samad Mohammadi, was killed in the explosion in Taloqan city on Wednesday afternoon while on his way home.

A Takhar police official said an IED had already been planted in his car before he got into it, and that two other people, including the driver of the car, had been injured in the blast.

Witnesses said the blast was so powerful that it shook buildings in surrounding areas.

Mawlawi Abdul Samad Mohammadi, had been the Imam of the Khasakpa Mosque in Taloqan city, and was an ardent critic of the local government. He was recognized by Takhar religious scholars as the spiritual father of religious scholars in the area.