NDS: ‘Taliban Leaders Summoned to Peshawar for War Planning’

Pakistan’s intelligence agency has summoned the Taliban’s shadow governors and commanders to wage war in Afghanistan, said Nazar Ali Wahidi, the deputy head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan’s intelligence agency.

However, he said that the Afghan security forces are fully prepared to crush any hostile move by the Taliban if the peace process does not lead to a final conclusion.

“The majority of Taliban governors and military officials have been summoned to Peshawar to prepare for the war,” said Nazar Ali Wahidi, the deputy head of the NDS.

“I wish Pakistan was kind and would help Afghanistan reach peace and move toward development. But Pakistan always thinks of how to kill the Afghans. They have made preparations for war, but we are also ready for it,” added Nazar Ali Wahidi, the deputy head of NDS.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior said there are credible intelligence reports that the insurgents are trying to take over provincial capitals.

“The enemy is trying to launch new attacks to gain points in the political arena,” said Mohammad Anwar Baripal, deputy minister of interior.

“There are threats against us in the south, in the west and all provinces, we are fully prepared to crush the threats,” said Iqbal Ali Naderi, the first deputy minister of defense.

On Tuesday, the Afghan senate summoned security officials to answer questions about the deteriorating security situation, particularly regarding the surge in casualties among Afghan security forces, and the targeted killings in big cities.

“Everyone wants security, we do not understand why our security institutions have failed to address the security problems, they should explain the reasons behind this,” said senator Mualem Lalagul.

According to the security institutions, over the past 24 hours, 20 provinces of the country have witnessed fighting between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban.