3 Police Officers Killed in Herat Car Bomb Attack: Official

Three police officers were killed in a car bomb attack that targeted an outpost in the Zinda Jan district in the western province of Herat province on Friday evening, the provincial governor Sayed Waheed Qatali said on Saturday.

The explosion that happened in the Bazarak area in the Zindajan district was followed by Taliban attacks on the district from three directions, the governor said, adding that the clashes continued for few hours.

Meanwhile, the Taliban attacked Chesht, Oba, Gulran, Kohzor, and Kashk-e-Kunhna districts in Herat on Friday night, Qatali said.

But the governor said there was no harm to security forces in the Taliban attacks in the five districts of Herat.

Also on Friday evening, the city of Herat witnessed a roadside bomb explosion in which one civilian was wounded, according to the governor.