Eight police killed in Taliban attack in Badakhshan

At least eight policemen were killed on Monday night in a Taliban group attack in Badakhshan province, officials said.

Abdullah Naji Nazari, a member of the Badakhshan Provincial Council, said the police were killed in a Taliban attack in Zebak district.

The Taliban attacked and set fire to the police base and stole all the equipment, Nazari added.

Badakhshan police also confirmed the Taliban attack, but said nothing about casualties.

Taliban has not commented yet.

The Taliban has also not said anything yet about their spring offense but experts believe the group has launched its fighting season without announcing it – unlike in the past.

On Monday, two policemen were killed and six others were wounded in a Taliban group attack in Baghlan province.

Local officials said that at least one police Humvee burnt out and another one was seized by the Taliban.