US Moves HIMARS Systems to Afghanistan

The Central Command of the US Armed Forces reported that the HIMARS system has been moved to Afghanistan to ensure the security of the withdrawal of forces from the country.

The HIMARS multiple rocket launchers has been moved from Kuwait to secure the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, The Central Command announced on its Twitter on Tuesday.

“HIMARS is a full-spectrum, 24/7, precision weapons system that can hit targets more than 43 miles away,” it said.

On Sunday, Gen. Austin Scott Miller, the US and NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, said that the US and coalition forces have started the withdrawal process and they will continue to support their Afghan counterparts.

“All of our forces are now preparing to retrograde,” Miller told reporters in Kabul. “The notification day will be the first of May but at the same time as we start taking local actions, we have already begun that.”

He said that he has “a set of orders” and he has “some very clear objectives.”

“First and foremost, it’s my objective to ensure that the Afghan security forces are in the best possible security posture. Also, that I will–we will–conduct an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan and that means transitioning bases and equipment to the Afghan security forces. He also said he was “charged with ensuring it is as safe as possible, meaning we will protect the force as we depart from Afghanistan,” he said.

Miller said that the US has “the military means and capability to fully protect our force during retrograde, as well as, support the Afghan security forces.”