Army Outpost Attacked in Ghazni, 30 Soldiers Missing: Sources

Taliban attack an outpost of the Afghan National Army in the city of Ghazni on Friday night that led to hours of heavy clashes between the two sides, a provincial council member Khaliqdad Akbari said.

The outpost has fallen to the Taliban, he said, adding that the clashes continued until Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, a source from Ghazni said that at least 30 army soldiers are missing following the clashes. The source said the soldiers were stationed at the outpost.

Taliban has not commented on the attack.

Violence remains high in the country despite efforts to move the peace process forward amidst the announcement of the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Sources on Friday said that an average of 11 to 49 soldiers and civilians have been killed in Taliban attacks in Afghanistan on a daily basis following the announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from the country on April 14.

According to statistics provided by sources, 226 Afghan civilians and military personnel have been killed in Taliban attacks in 24 provinces since April 15.

Of the figure, 69 are civilians and 157 are security force members.