Ghani blasts govt for not using allocated budgets

President Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday that five government departments have failed to use over $1.6 billion of their annual budget.

Addressing an event on the occasion of Education Week, Ghani stated the “blockage of billions of dollars” by these government departments is not acceptable.

Ghani stressed that if any department or government organization failed to utilize its budget within one year, “the budget for the office will be distributed (allocated) to other departments.”

“We do not have room to waste money,” Ghani said.

According to him, two departments have failed to spend a total of $1.6 billion.

Meanwhile, Ghani stated that conflict and insecurity has resulted in $1 billion in damage to the infrastructure in Afghanistan, including to that in the education sector, in the past year.

He also emphasized the need for the improvement of the quality of education in the country.

“What I want from our schools is for them to train people who could be able to lead all sectors in the future and fields of study must also be in line with the situation of Afghanistan,” Ghani said.