Violence Grips Several Provinces as Afghans Mourn Blast in Kabul

In a latest incident of violence, at least 27 security force members were killed in Ghazni city in the past two days.

Lawmakers from Ghazni said that three government check posts have fallen to the Taliban in the past few days.

Local officials in Baghlan said that hundreds of people have taken up arms to fight the Taliban.

“We have launched an operation code-named Pamir 302 which is aimed to suppressing and repelling the plans by the (enemy),” said Gen. Abbas Tawakoli, the deputy commander of 209 Shaheen Army Corps.

“We are not in the defensive position, we are on thevoffensive mode. There have been massive progress in Baghlan and Ghazni since yesterday,” Afghan Chief of Army Staff Gen. Yasin Zia said.

Alongside Ghazni city, Khawja Omari, Jaghato, Waghaz and Khogyani districts have also faced deadly battles in the past days.

“The people are ready to fight alongside their security forces,” said Faraidoon, the commander of public uprising force in Baghlan.

“Fighting has escalated significantly. Currently, clashes are underway there and many families are under siege,” said Abdul Manan, a resident of Arezo village in Ghazni.

“If sufficient equipment and resources are not sent to Ghazni, if there are no airstrikes and commando operations, I fear that Ghazni city will collapse,” said MP Arif Rahmani.

But, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said that offensive operations have been launched to eliminate Taliban in areas under their control.

Both parties the Afghan government and the Taliban have claimed of inflicting devastating toll on each other.

Reports say that civilians have also been killed during these clashes.

The Defense Ministry said that at least 250 Taliban fighters were killed in at least seven provinces in the last 24 hours.

At least three blasts happened near Sayed-ul-Shuhada High School in west of Kabul on Saturday afternoon, the Ministry of Interior confirmed.

According to the Ministry of Interior, at least 30 people were killed and 52 more were wounded in the blasts.