Atmar to Pakistan: Practical Steps Needed for Afghan Peace

Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar on Tuesday spoke about a recent trip of a high-level Pakistani delegation to Kabul. He said the two sides reached agreements about the peace process in Afghanistan, but the two countries now need to take practical steps to expand bilateral cooperation on peace in Afghanistan.

Atmar made it clear that Afghanistan will not trust any sort of commitment unless practical steps are taken.

“A Pakistani delegation came here, the delegation made a number of commitments, currently we have these agreements on the table,” said Atmar.

Atmar, who recently visited The Hague, told reporters in Kabul on Tuesday that no one will be allowed to commit crimes in the name of peace.

“No one can get a license for their crimes in the name of peace,” said Atmar, referring to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Atmar stated that without peace and ceasefire, the sanctions imposed on Taliban leaders will not be discussed.

Meanwhile, Afghan Justice Minister Fazel Ahamd Manavi warned that anyone who commits crimes in Afghanistan will be punished by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“This is a warning to every criminal who commits a crime whether they are Taliban, Daesh or Al Qaeda. If anyone commits a crime and the Afghan govt is not able to take action against it due to some limitations, then The Hague court (ICC) will address the case,” said Manavi.

Manavi said that the ICC has also agreed to document war crimes in Afghanistan.