Police claim interior ministry to blame for collapse of Jalrez to Taliban

Jalrez district in Maidan Wardak province fell to the Taliban due to negligence on the part of the Interior Ministry, police said Saturday.

Mujibullah Amini, Police Chief of Jalrez, said in a video message which was heard by Ariana News, that the district had been under siege by the militants for three days but the acting interior minister, Hayatullah Hayat, refused to provide support.

“We were under siege of Taliban for three days. But unfortunately, we did not receive help. I personally called Mr. Minister, he said he had no choice,” Amini said.

The district was captured by the Taliban on Friday following days of heavy clashes.

According to officials, at least seven security force members were killed and more than 40 others surrendered to the Taliban due to the lack of reinforcements.

The district fell to the militants just days after Narkh district in the province was overrun by the Taliban.

Afghan officials said that the security forces made a “tactical retreat” from the district.

The Defense Ministry (MoD), however, stated that the Afghan forces have launched an operation to retake Jalrez district.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, a spokesman for the MoD, stated: “Military operations are underway in Jalrez of Maidan Wardak, Baghlan and Dawlat Shah district of Logar province. Casualties have been imposed on the Taliban during the operations.”

Meanwhile, the Provincial Council of Maidan Wardak claimed that the government has not launched any operation on Jalrez.

“Afghan Security and Defense Forces surrendered to the Taliban, only one airstrike was conducted at 2 pm Friday but the district is still under the control of the Taliban.”