Almost 1,500 Taliban attacks recorded since start of US retrograde

Afghan National Security Council’s (NSC) spokesman Ramatullah Andar said that since the start of the foreign troops’ withdrawal process, on May 1, the Taliban has conducted 1,455 attacks across the country.

Andar said however that the Afghan security and defense forces have inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy in repelling these attacks

“Also 63 armed and explosive attacks were prevented,” Andar said adding that the Taliban has since signing the US-Taliban agreement in Doha last year focused on intensifying the war rather than focussing on advancing peace talks.

“The Taliban are not worried about the destruction of the Afghan people and institutions as well as the loss of their own people,” he said.

Last week, the Taliban killed 63 civilians, including women and children, and wounded 126 others in 27 provinces, he noted.

“The Taliban see no exception to the rules of war and have proved that they are targeting all but themselves and their [Taliban] sympathy for the victims is only to blame the government,” he said.