Car bomber killed before reaching Baghlan target: Army

Afghan 217 Pamir Military Corps claimed Thursday security forces killed a suicide vehicle bomber along with three other suicide bombers in Bagh-e-Shamal area in the capital Pul-e-Khomri city of Baghlan province in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The corps said they prevented the bombers from reaching their target.

However, the explosion killed three security force members and three others were wounded, the corps said in a statement.

“The bomber was killed before reaching the target, and three Taliban suicide bombers were killed and their vehicle was destroyed,” read a statement issued by the corps.

According to the corps, the attackers had planned to target security checkpoints in Bagh-e-Shamal area.

Sources meanwhile said earlier Thursday the Taliban used a Humvee tank loaded with explosives and targeted a joint security force base in the Bagh-e-Shamal area.

They said the explosion happened in the early hours of Thursday. According to them two soldiers were killed and six others were wounded.

The Taliban has meanwhile claimed responsibility for the explosion which they say targeted checkpoints. According to the group, a number of security forces were killed and numerous vehicles destroyed.