Afghan Forces Retake Two Districts in Takhar

Bangi and Khwaja Ghar districts in the northern Takhar province were retaken from the Taliban in an operation by government and public uprising forces on Monday morning, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The operation was launched on Sunday night with Air Force support and “the districts were cleared of Taliban this morning,” the ministry said.

“The Taliban escaped from the district after suffering heavy casualties,” the Defense Ministry said.

The statement also mentioned that Abdal and Qara Parcho villages on the outskirts of the Taluqan city, capital of the province, were also cleared of the Taliban.

Taliban has not yet commented on the operation.

The situation has been fragile in the northeastern province of Takhar over the last two weeks. Eight districts of the province, including Chal, Baharak, Ishkamish, Namak Ab, Yangi Qala, Khwaja Ghar and Hazar Samooch, have either fallen to the Taliban or have been evacuated by security forces within a week’s time.