Ghani appeals to Taliban to work with govt and not with ‘foreigners’

President Ashraf Ghani has called on the Taliban to engage in peace talks “if you accept Sharia [Islamic Law].”

Addressing an event during the inauguration of Khost International Airport on Saturday, Ghani implied that the Taliban are fighting for foreigners’ interests.

“Do you [Taliban] accept Sharia? Then come sit [for talks], But they say no and prefer US agreement [US-Taliban deal],” Ghani said.

“Is US deal superior to Islamic Law?” Ghani asked Taliban. “Now that the US have gone, with whom will you [Taliban] agree: who do you think can release your prisoners?” Ghani asked.

Ghani blamed the Taliban for the ongoing war across the country and called on the Taliban not to recognize the Durand Line as an international border.

“I ask the Taliban, who are you fighting for? Are you fighting for Afghanistan or do you want Afghanistan to be controlled by others,” Ghani stated.

“If you [Taliban] love Afghanistan then show your commitments that you have not recognized the Durand Line. Make sure you do not turn Afghanistan from a crossroads [of economic and trade] into a one-way street, make a commitment for not being a servant of others,” he added.

Ghani also called on the Taliban to stop offensives and destroying infrastructure.

“We want peace with everyone…if 200 to 400 or 600 people are being killed, if buildings are being burned and the infrastructure is being destroyed on daily basis, who will benefit?,” Ghani said.